SmartFit binding for fire hose, 2"

Item number 1165525

The new "smart" SmartFit binding system from Esbach is the visionary solution for the binding of the future. Smartfit combines safety in use with extreme economic efficiency.

  • high material strength
  • much higher strength of the cover than required by DIN14811
  • extreme economy by saving accessories and tools for binding
  • simplest assembly by means of Allen key
Full description

Full description



Material: Made of high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Integrated RFID tags as basis, optionally available for inventory.

Registered utility model protection. 



The product will be supplied with two small rubber sealings per SmartFit binding. There are many different designs for the hose end, leaving a small possiblity that the bindings can leak. The sealings will solve this.


Note: 1 set means that you get 2 pcs which make up 1 end binding, i.e. for 1 hose you will need 2 sets. Check the images to see what the set includes.