Fire Extinguisher, 6 Liter, AFFF foam, class ABF, stored pressure, ABS

Item number 1136424

FS6-LHF is the new product line from ABS.

  • Fire rating: 27A 233B 75F
  • Extinguishing agent: water + additives
  • Dimensions: Overall height : 545 mm ; Bottle Diameter : 160 mm
  • Weight: Empty / Charged: 1,8 kg / 7,95 kg
Full description

Full description

It is a stored pressure, spray foam fire extinguisher with aluminum body and pressure gauge. Certified to the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU, Marine Equipment Directive MED 2014/90/ EU available on request and CEN EN3. 100% of the fire extinguishers are checked by an electronic helium leak detection system. Capacity is 6 l.