AFFF Foam, 2%, 1,25 Liter, Sealfire, For 50 Liter ABS Fire Extinguisher

Item number 1038081

1,25 liter sealfire foam (2%) for 50 liter A.B.S extinguisher.

Full description

Full description

It is a special A.F.F.F. superconcentrate 3% specially developed for extinguishers.It has a great stability. It creates a floating high resistant film over burning liquids.

The foam is used for 50 liter trolleys and is stored in a bottle (1,25 Liter). 

Foam is used against fires of wood, textiles, paper and very effective for flammable liquid fires.

  • Material: Sealfire® for EN 3.7 - Med Marine & EN 1866-1 Content: 1,25 Liter