Battery extinguishing system, BEST, by Rosenbauer

Item number 1154843

The Rosenbauer battery extinguishing system is currently the safest, most efficient and fastest way to stabilize a burning battery. The system offers direct cooling of battery modules or battery cells.

  • Penetration of the burning battery is possible in many operational situations
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Low smoke emissions into the air
Full description

Full description

The new Rosenbauer extinguishing system for high-voltage batteries in electrically powered cars is a system for safe, efficient and rapid extinguishing in batteries based on lithium-ion technology. 

This enables direct cooling of battery modules or the battery cells inside the modules and thus fast stopping of the chemical reaction in the cells and the consequent heating. 

The system consists of three main components: an extinguishing unit and a control panel, interconnected with hoses.

The extinguishing unit is placed under the battery and, if necessary, fastened to the car with a jack or in another suitable position. The preferred position is on the underside of the car. The control panel controls the extinguishing unit’s extinguishing spear, which penetrates the battery housing at a safe distance.

Immediately after the penetration, the battery housing will be doused with water and the cooling process will begin.

  • Flow range 20-50 l/min
  • Control unit with compressed air supply (2x 1 l 300 bar bottle)

Practical application

Penetration of the burning battery is possible in many operational situations. Greatest possible flexibility of the system allows e.g. penetration from the underside - with less risk of smoke and heat.

Furthermore, rapid extinguishing success enables reduced water consumption and low smoke emissions into the air.