Nozzle hose for bridge, 15 meter, 2",StorzC, blank cap, magnetic holders

Item number 1165344

The ICONOS nozzle hose is the ultimate solution for your lashing bridge needs. It creates a narrow water wall that protects your cargo from fire and heat.

  • Durable rubber hose and stainless steel nozzle
  • Magnetic holders to avoid slipping
  • Complete set with couplings and blank cap
  • Bright yellow color for visibility
Full description

Full description

The ICONOS nozzle hose is made from durable rubber and stainless steel nozzles, and comes with magnetic holders, an adaptor, and a blank cap.

Position/design of nozzles are aligned in the middle and positioned to build a narrow water wall for the space between the lashing bridges (special design).

It is easy to connect, adjust, and replace, and it has a bright yellow color for visibility.

1 set consisting of;

ICONOS 15 meter nozzle hose, size dia. 52 mm.


  • Colour: yellow
  • Linning: Rubberlined inside and outside
  • Distance of nozzles: 800 mm
  • Nozzles made from stainless steel, assembled with light alloy Storz couplings by ICONOS segment bindings
  • One end closed with blank cap with chain, to connect with other hoses and fittings 1 adaptor with male thread C/52 mm-2 ½” is contained
  • 3 special holders with magnetic basis (strength 480 Nm) to avoid slipping from basic position (swell on sea)
  • The assembly positions are marked with “X” on nozzle hose
  • Assembly equipment consisting of a wrench and 3 nozzles for replacement purposes