VIKING Norsafe K4-D-FM off-load release hook

Item number K4-D-FM

Norsafe’s K4-D and K4-D-FM are further developments of the long proven K4 Hook. The hooks are designed for single fall lifting and are normally installed on the centre console of a rescue boat.

Full description

Full description

The K4-D hook can be installed on two different foundation types; as a flat mount solution together with an adaptor plate, or without the adaptor plate, fitting into existing Norsafe lifting foundations with vertical mounting brackets. The K4-D-FM hook has a welded-on base plate for flat surface installation, and is designed to keep the height to a minimum.

Both hooks are designed specifically for simplicity of use, and can only be opened when there is no load on the fall wire. The K4-D and K4-D-FM hooks are tested and approved in line with the LSA code as amended.

The K4-D and K4-D-FM are:

  • Successfully tested and approved by DNV GL according to MSC.81(70) as amended.
  • Not sensitive to wear and tear.
  • No critical tolerances.
  • Made of Duplex stainless steel. 
  • Only visual inspection is required by the crew.
  • Compatible with all Norsafe rescue boats.
  • Annual service and overhaul every 5 years to be performed by OEM.