VIKING Norsafe NRB-20 MKIII Rescue davit

Item number D00401030

VIKING Norsafe NRB-20 Rescue boat davit designed to ensure safe and efficient launch and retrieval and is suitable for most rescue boats, including fast rescuer boats. The davit system is designed for long time operation.

  • Maximum lifting/lowering up to 6250 kg
  • Lowering height up to 6250 kg
Full description

Full description

The Viking Norsafe NRB-20 MKIII luffing davit system is especially designed for safe and efficient launching and retrieval of Viking Norsafe Rescue Boats. The davit system is designed for long time operation in a tough and corrosive marine/offshore environment and to fulfil all requirements as given in latest SOLAS/IMO requirements.

The davit is designed to achieve optimum performance in terms of safety and reliability, and minimal maintenance levels. All selected equipment is chosen and installed to ensure the lowest possible emission of sound and for good access for service and repair.

The davit is also operational under “dead ship” condition, where no electric power is provided for the equipment.

  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 2000 kg
  • Max. lowering height: 48 m
  • Operational temperature: -20°C to +45°C (other range on request)