VIKING Norsafe NDC-65 MKI Rescue davit

Item number P0302004024

VIKING Norsafe NDC-65 MKI Rescue Davit built in accordance with IMO/SOLAS requirements, LSA code and European Council Directive 2014/90/EU on Maritime Equipment (MED)

Full description

Full description

VIKING Norsafe NDC-65 davit is specifically designed for safe and efficient launch and retrieval of rescue boats. The davit system is designed for long time operation in a tough and corrosive marine/offshore environment and to fulfil all requirements as given in latest SOLAS/IMO requirements.

The davit is designed to achieve optimum performance in terms of safety and reliability, and minimal maintenance levels. All selected equipment is chosen and installed to ensure the lowest possible emission of sound and for good access for service and repair.

 Information about dimensions/capacity/weight etc can be found in the corresponding datasheet and drawing.