VIKING Norsafe GES-30 MKII free-fall lifeboat - 40 persons

Item number B00401013

VIKING Norsafe GES-30 MKII free-fall lifeboat for skid-launched free fall drop can seat up to 39 persons. This robust free-fall lifeboat is tailor-made for rapid evacuation.

  • Rapid evacuation time from muster point to water entry
  • Free-fall launch will move the boat to a safe location, away from the platform
  • Simulated release systems to allow unmanned launch drill without free-fall launch
Full description

Full description

The VIKING Norsafe GES-30 MKII provides a secure and protected means of escape and is for skid launch by a specific davit. Design and construction fulfil the need for reliable, low  maintenance standby and operation.

The lifeboat designed and manufactured according to latest SOLAS requirements.

This boat can be delivered as Tanker/Offshore or Dry Cargo version.