VIKING Norsafe, Merlin-615 MKI, Outboard, Fast Rescue boat

Item number B00201010

The VIKING Norsafe Merlin-615 MKI, outboard, fast rescue boat, has capacity for up to 15 persons. It is very efficient on water, delivering reliable performance under any condition.

  • Proven deep V-hull with a convex bottom for smooth ride and strength
  • Most robust system on the market with diesel engine cooling via seawater offtake in waterjet. No water pump with rubber impeller necessary
  • Strong fender system and easy refit after worn out
Full description

Full description

The VIKING Norsafe Merlin-615 MKI, outboard, fast rescue boat, complies with SOLAS regulation offering self-righting in case of capsizing and space for crew and stretcher.

The fast rescue boat has excellent reliability, maneuverability, and sea keeping abilities in order to fulfill its prime function - to provide an effective means of search and recovery for persons missing at sea. Design and construction fulfill the need for reliable, low maintenance standby and operation.

The boat has been designed to provide a protected and safe working environment for the crew, engine, and equipment.