Personnel transfer basket, SAFE-TRANSFER 4 persons

Item number 1020801

Ensures, safe, quick, and cost-effective personnel transfer between offshore installations, drilling rigs and vessels.

  • A durability of at least 30 years
  • Active shock absorption within the seats
  • Floats on the water without risk of tipping over
  • Made of stainless steel to ensure robust protection during offshore operations
Full description

Full description

A personnel basket for 4 persons, which enables safe, quick and effective transfer between offshore installations, drilling rigs and vessels.

The lifting sling comprises two separate slings: one functions as an elastic compensator, while the other is either a chain-sling or a wire-sling, depending on the customer's preference. Each of these slings supports the basket and its payload, serving as a backup in case the other sling fails.

It comes in lengths of either 3 meters or 5 meters, and the lifting sling is connected to the crane hook using two large master links.

  • Diameter: 2600 mm
  • Height: 3222 mm
  • Capacity: 4 persons
  • Max load (payload): 500 kg
  • Approval: Type approval
  • Number of lifts: No limitations
  • Manufactured in the EU