Rescue sling, QUIKSLING, with 40m line

Item number 1164582

QUIKSLING is a tension-activated man over-board recovery device

  • A simple-to-enter triple sling
  • Transform into a “deck-chair” that supports a person around the chest, body and legs
  • 40 meter recover line with a reflects lights source
  • Water activated lights
  • Comes with its own portable lifting point
  • Product is fully SOLAS approved by Lloyds register
  • ​​​​​​​QUIKSLING is certified for use up to 30m
Full description

Full description

Recovering an overboard sailor, whether trained crew or unprepared passenger, will always be a traumatic task. Add rough seas, high freeboards, low temperatures, poor light or panic and the difficulty is multiplied. 

QUIKSLING was developed by North Sea mariners with first-hand experience of the difficulties to ensure the best possibility of rescue. Features such as the easily entered flotation frame and the automatic ‘deckchair’ double sling all improve the likelihood of reaching, retrieving and recovering the man overboard.

Designed on the foundation of real life experience, every detail is practical and intentional. The result is an engineering masterpiece integrating components in aluminium, closed cell foam, threads, tapes, velcro, ropes, glassfibre, neoprene, electronics and webbing, all installed in one compact container.


  • The product is delivered in a GRP container
  • The rescue sling can be placed anywhere onboard the vessel
  • The sling is packed so that you can easily unpack and start recovery
  • Instruction label attached on the container


  • Type approved - Lloyd´s Register according to SOLAS III/17-1


Lloyds Register