Markus Rescue line in throw bag, 25 meters, type RLC25

Item number 1008080

Markus Rescue-line type RLC is intended for boats, inland vehicles, on snowmobiles and for hikers travelling near lakes and on ice.

  • Solar resistant floating line that meets the requirements of a Lifering / Lifebuoy
  • Soft and flexible, provides a good grip
  • Equipped with a throw-load that ensures a good throw with out repacking the line
  • Equipped with a chest-loop that ensures the rescuers safety
Full description

Full description

25 metre long throw-line / safety-line of 8 mm diameter, UV stabilized braided multifilament polypropelene throw-line, packed in orange PU throw-bag, equipped with permanent 380 gr load and chest loop. Equipped with snap hook and handgrip loop on the other end of the line.