Lifenet, Markusnet, 30m Free Board

Item number 1030881

This product provides safe ways to move people between liferaft/small boat or sinking airplane onto a larger ship in extreme conditions at sea.

Full description

Full description

The Markusnet is a rescue device that enables one person to react immediately and effectively to a man overboard situation along a ship side or quay. The net enables rescuers to lift the victim in seconds, despite freeboard height of vessel, thereby greatly decreasing the level of danger. It can also be used with a crane.

It provides the ability to lift/hoist crew while standing or siting in the net. It can also be used to lift/hoist unconscious crew in a horizontal position.

The Markusnet type MS is mandatory equipment on decked vessels in several countries. It is also standard equipment in all harbors in Iceland and is now the model for international standards. It is manufactured in several standard versions, depending on freeboard height.


  • Attachment line: 14 M ­
  • Two lifting line, each measure: 30 M
  • Lifting line with knots at rear end: 30 M­
  • Throw-line with safety loop: 25 M - Safety loop for in-water rescuer, max: 0,7 M
  • Length of net structure: 1,8 M
  • Buoyancy: 10 kg­­
  • Strength: 500 kg
  • Weight of net structure with floats: 2 kg
  • Container size in cm: L70 x W21 x H50 - 0,075 cubic meter