Self-retracting lifeline, 20 meter, Protecta Rebel, stainless steel cable

Item number 1162342

The 3M™ Protecta® Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) is durable yet lightweight and built to last while providing an economical fall protection solution without compromising performance or safety.

Full description

Full description

The 3M™ Protecta® Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) extends and retracts with the user as they perform their work task. Should a fall occur, a speed sensing brake system activates, stopping the fall and reducing the forces imposed on the user to safe levels. In addition, tension is always kept on the lifeline, which helps reduce dragging, snagging, trips, and falls. 

3M™ Protecta® Self-Retracting Lifeline is equipped with an integrated carrying handle to assist in transporting the SRL to job sites.



Lifeline length: 20 meter

Lifeline material: stainless steel cable

Housing: plastic

Weight capacity: 140 kg

Meets the testing requirements of  EN1496: 2006 Class B