Lifeline, Self-retracting, FALCON, 15 meter, Galvanized steel cable, 1012

Item number 1141914

The Honeywell SelfRetracting Lifeline (FALCON) is the ideal fall protection. It is the safest, most robust and comprehensive range of composite retractable lifelines.

  • Lightest composite unit on the market – easy to handle and transport to/from jobsites.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum internal components extend service life and reduce replacement costs.
  • Units are repairable and require no annual factory recertification
Full description

Full description

This Lifeline has enhanced safety due to the quick-activating braking mechanism that stops a fall within centimeters allowing for a quick and safe rescue. A highly visible load indicator identifies that the unit should be removed from service.

It contains a greater comfort of use, because it is lightweight, with a built-in-handle on the 15 and 20m units. The unit is easy to handle and transport to/from jobsites.  The unique side payout design reduces wear on the entry guide and cable and ensures a smooth operation with less resistance. 

Authorized for horizontal use when used with a steel or stainless steel sling

Nearly indestructible with high-impact resistant nylon housing, galvanised or stainless steel cable, integrated fall indicator.


  • Lifeline length: 15 Meter
  • Lifeline Material: Galvanized steel
  • Conforms to EN360
  • Housing: High-Impact Nylon
  • Mximum working load: 141kg