Stretcher, contour head immobilizer

Item number 1008920

Advanced pediatric head immobilizer.

  • Large side openings to allow ear inspection
  • Quick and Easy to apply thanks to the strap on the bottom
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Full description

­The exclusive Pedi Fix head immobilizer has been studied for perfect head immobilization of paediatric trauma patients.

  • Two strong PE blocks with insertions of a soft, anallergic rubber
  • The base with straps that permits fixing to any type of spine board, except paediatric
  • The blocks are easily positioned on the base thanks to large self-adherent pads
  • The U-shaped geometry of the blocks forms large openings which permit easy inspection of the ear area
  • Waterproof material
  • Contour is made in very soft Polyurethane compared to a stronger material from the Super Blue
  • The layout has been designed to fully involve the head for a better head immobilization

  • Two straps with carabineer hook for patient fixation
  • For adults