Head immobilizer for spine board

Item number 1008919

Compact universal head mobilizer. The mobilizer can be used with spine boards and the pick up stretcher.

  • The padding of the base increase patient comfort
  • Wide strap surfaces make the headblock positioning easier
  • Large holes for ear inspection
Full description

Full description

­Device for head immobilization intended to be used with Spencer spinal boards or pickup stretchers. It can be used along with other immobilization devices like SED and all Spencer cervical collars.

  • Base dimensions(buttonhole exluded) 365x260x20 mm
  • Pillow dimensions (1 piece) 255x85x160 mm
  • Hole for ear inspection ø70 mm
  • Base weight 360 ± 10g
  • Pillow weight 500 ± 10g
  • Overall weight 1,46 ± 0,07 kg
  • Materials PE, PVC, Nylon