Fire extinguisher cabinet, JB82S, for 1X 6-12KG/LTR

Item number 1169986

For the storage of 1 x 6-12 kg/liter fire extinguisher (max height 700mm) designed to cope with extreme environments on and offshore. It is widely used by the world´s top energy company due to its durability.

  • Enhanced safety features
  • Customizable door hinging
  • Optimal balance of strength and weight
  • Superior protection against environmental factors
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Full description

These cabinets are designed using Lloyds-approved composite materials, which include UV-resistant gelcoats, ensuring enduring protection for stored equipment, even in the most demanding environments. This is reinforced by an impressive IP rating of 56, supported by both Lloyds and ABS approvals.

The design prioritizes a remarkable level of sturdiness while maintaining a relatively light weight, complemented by an efficient EPDM seal surrounding the door opening. The hinges are fastened using 316 stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers.

The door's hinging can be customized for left or right preferences and features a nylon graphite rotary handle, allowing for swift access, even when wearing gloves.


The redesigned model no longer incorporates a lip above the door and instead adopts rounded top corners. This modification not only enhances the structural strength but also reduces the likelihood of injury.


Standard specification:

  • Dimensions: in mm (inches)
  • Height x width x depth: 799 x 374 x 280 (31.46 x 14.72 x 11.02”)
  • Aperture: 636Hx 218W (25.04 x 8.58”)
  • Internal depth: 229 (9.02”)
  • Weight Kg: 10Kg (22lB)


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