PLB, sMRT AU10-HT, Marine Rescue Technologies

Item number 1059053

The sMRT AU10-HT is a Man Overboard locating device.

Full description

Full description

Once armed the device is designed to activate automatically in the event of a Man Overboard incident. Immediately following activation the sMRT AU10-HT transmits a 121.5MHz alert and homing signal. Once a GPS position is acquired AIS location information is updated continuously. Battery Shipping Information: UN3091 Lithium Metal Batteries contained in equipment in compliance with IATA PI: 970 Section II.


  • Environmental resistance: IP68
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C
  • Storage temperature: -45°C to +70°C
  • Operating humidity: To 95% non-condensing
  • Shock: 20G min
  • Vibration: EuroCAE ED-14F
  • Compass safe distance: 30cm (for <1° deflection
  • Flammability rating: ED 14F 26.3.3 Category C:
  • Battery: CR14505 6,0V 1800mAh 10,8Wh
  • Battery Part No.: 714020067
  • Buoyancy: Buoyant (index=9%)
  • Transportation: Air cargo UN 3091 not hazardous


  • Case Dimensions: 80mm x 95mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 250g


  • EMC: EN 301 489-22 V1.3.1, EN 301 489-1 V1.8.1
  • Electrical safety: EN 60950-1:2006
  • Marine: IEC 60945:2002
  • Radio (121.5MHz): EN 302 961 V1.2.1, RTCM 11901.1:2012
  • Radio (AIS): EN 303 098 V1.2.1, RTCM 11901.1:2012


  • Air band frequencies: 121.500MHz
  • Distress modulation: AM compliant to ITU-R M.690-2 (2012)
  • Air band power: 100mW PERP
  • Marine-band frequencies: 161.975, 162.025 MHz (AIS1, AIS2)
  • Marine-band power: 1W EIRP nominal
  • VHF antenna: Centre-fed dipole, comprising coaxial cable and 1/8 coil whip
  • GPS antenna: Circular-polarised wide-angle bulb


  • Operating time: >12 hours continuous
  • Standby battery life: >3 years
  • Permanently armed: 12 hours operation if armed for 12 months
  • GPS position update: Minimum of 6 per minute
  • GPS time to first lock: Typically <1 minute under normal operating conditions
  • Alert indication: Audible and visible
  • Activation: Manual plus automatic water activation
  • Self ID: ITU-R M.585 compliant factory programmed freeform Maritime Identity with 972 prefix