Offshore personal grab bag, aluminized

Item number 1013826

The VIKING Personal Grab Bag is used for emergency situations as an evacuation aid.

Full description

Full description

Emergency Escape Personal Grab Bags for use on offshore installations and barges, typically stored in lockers or in accommodation area.

Size: 35 x 50 cm 

Color: Aluminized


The Offshore personal grab should contain the following items:

  • 1x1013826 VIKING aluminiumised grab bag.
  • 1x1024164 Escape smoke hood, Cogo.
  • 1xPV9341 Lifejacket, Lifejacket - VIKING YouSafe™ Pro
  • 1x1058219 Torch Light, Peli 3315, ATEX approved
  • 2xTorch light batteries.
  • 1x10797XX VIKING Fire Gloves(indicate sizes).
  • 1001206 Light stick.


Items are ordered separately and ARE NOT part of the bag.