Firedragon fuel blocks, pack of 12 pcs.

Item number 1079841

FireDragon Solid is an eco-friendly biofuel and firelighter designed for all-weather use.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easy storage and handling
  • 8–10 minute burn time per block
  • Safe with food
  • Doubles as hand cleanser
Full description

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Full description

These FireDragon gel blocks are made from ethanol sourced in the UK and manufactured in BCB's FireDragon factory in Cardiff, South Wales.

Ideal for outdoor cooking stoves and charcoal barbecues, FireDragon is also suitable for use in indoor ethanol fireplaces.

BCB has created FireDragon with the goal of aiding outdoor enthusiasts in cooking their meals efficiently while preserving their health and the environment. 

  • The solid block can be used as a waterless antibacterial hand cleanser upon opening.