Portable medical oxygen set, cylinder connection 5/8"female

Item number 1085355

The portable medical oxygen set will come in a easy carrying red bag. with printed "Medical Oxygen". The portable set consist of a medical oxygen regulator, medical devices and disposable parts.

  • The medical oxygen bag contains an inside hard case, to keep equipment protected when wet underground.
  • The bag has room for 2 cylinders of 2 liters  with regulator ready for direct emergency use.  
  • The available straps will keep the cylinders in position.
Full description

Full description

The other compartments have enough room for remaining parts as per resuscitation requirements.

For correct number of cylinders and medical devices, the Flag and Class regulations to be followed.

The portable set consist out of a medical oxygen regulator, Rescue Vac,  and disposable parts. The set can be order for use with cylinder valve connections Pin Index and Female thread 5/8".

Cylinders to be ordered separate.Complies with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

Consist out of

  • Regulator with adjustable flowmeter 0-25lpm
    • cylinder connection female 5/8” thread
  • 9 pcs Disposable mask adult
  • 2 pcs Disposable mask Child
  • 1 pcs Guedel airway size 1 - 7cm
  • 2 pcs Guedel airway size 2 - 8cm
  • 2 pcs Guedel airway size 3 - 9cm
  • 2 pcs Guedel airway size 4 – 10cm
  • 2 pcs Oxygen catheter 40cm
  • 1 pcs Oxygen mask rebreathing adult
  • 1 pcs Oxygen mask rebreathing child
  • 1 pcs Rescue Vac hand suction unit
  • 1 pcs Resuscitation bag with inhalation mask size 5
  • 1 pcs Resuscitation mask size 3