Medical oxygen high pressure regulator Varimed w/ Quick connect

Item number 1085258

High pressure medical oxygen regulator with high capacity for use with medical gas cylinders equipped with a medical oxygen cylinder valve.

Full description

Full description

Varimed medical oxygen regulator is a one stage cylinder regulator with a large variety of applications. The regulator is intended for connection to other medical devices , for example use as a gas source on board vessels for hospital use.

The Varimed especially to be used in emergency situation, not for direct application to the patient. The regulator has a outlet quick connector for easy assembly of a hose to a panel.

For cylinder connection female 5/8"threat.

The regulator contains a Pressure relieve valve for reduction of overpressure in the regulator . It is fitted on the rear part of the regulator body.  The regulator inlet pressure is up to 200 bar and outlet pressure 3,6-5,5 bar. Complies with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC


  • Cylinder connection female 5/8” threat
  • Inlet pressure 200 bar
  • Quick connect DIN
  • PRV connection for line to outside