Throat mic, Savox TM-1, L50580

Item number 1152656

A comfortable throat microphone for communication in high-noise environments or other extreme conditions. Enables even whispered communication

  • Versatile
  • Comfortable and sensitive throat microphone
  • Can be worn with or without helmet, with protective suits, mask unit, and hoods when boom microphone headset is not practical for wear
  • Enables exceptional performance in high noise environments including whispered communication
  • Flexible, washable fabric neck band
  • Adapts to Savox Classic PTTs and RSMs
  • D-shape speaker provides comfort for extended wear
Full description

Full description


  • Weight: 90g
  • Microphone: Vibration-sensitive, impedance 3500/300 Ohm @ 1 khz
  • Speaker impedance: T-C/800 Ohm, T-M/35 Ohm
  • Speaker/mic cable: 2.5mm dia, 290mm/195mm (PVC/PUR)
  • Cable, coiled: Ø 4mm, 380mm (PUR)
  • Connector: 4-pole quick-release connector
  • Operating temperature: -25 to +63°C (continuous