Chemical Suit, Gastight, Alphatec VPS T-ET w. Boots, XL

Item number 1022361

AlphaTec® VPS T-ET: Uncompromised Protection with Advanced Chemical Resistance, Breathe Easy, Stay Safe!

  • Unmatched Protection: Superior chemical and flame resistance.
  • Certified Excellence: EN 943-2 and SOLAS approved.
  • Precision Ventilation Control: AlphaTec® Regulating Valve MkII.
  • Secure Connection: Seamless SCBA connection.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Overpressure valve, innovative downward-closing zipper.
Full description

Full description

Experience unmatched protection with the AlphaTec® VPS T-ET, setting the gold standard in protective suits for hazardous environments. This non-encapsulating suit is tailored to meet the rigorous demands of both hazmat teams and industrial users, offering exceptional chemical resistance, flame resistance, and durability. Certified to the toughest European standard - EN 943-2, and SOLAS approved, the AlphaTec® VPS T-ET ensures your safety is never compromised.


Advanced Chemical Resistance: The barrier film integrated into the zipper ensures increased chemical resistance, shielding you from hazardous substances.

Downward-Closing Zipper: Our innovative design closes downwards, accompanied by a sturdy flap/splash guard, providing added safety and protection.

Constant Overpressure: Equipped with a ventilation system, the suit maintains a constant overpressure.

AlphaTec® Regulating Valve MkII: Have full control over ventilation rates with three options (2, 30, and 100 l/min) and an easy zero/off position.

Seamless SCBA Connection: The CEJN 221 male coupling enables a secure connection to SCBA systems (requires separate connection hose).

Enhanced Safety Features: Featuring an overpressure valve on the chest, the AlphaTec® HCR Zipper ensures maximum protection for peace of mind.

Includet in the set:

  • AlphaTec® Mini Hood: Protects against inward leakage between the mask and face seal from jet spray.

  • Cotton Comfort Inner Gloves: Ensure comfort and dexterity during extended wear.

  • Extra Locking Pins: Two additional locking pins for the Bayonet glove ring system.

  • Molycote Lubrication: Keeps the Bayonet glove ring system's O-rings in prime condition.

  • Grease Stick: Lubricates the zipper for smooth operation.

  • Coat Hanger: Convenient storage solution for your suit.

  • AlphaTec® Storage Bag: Keeps your suit secure and protected during storage.