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VIKING offers the most comprehensive range of high-quality protective suits and lifejackets for all maritime and offshore applications, standards and requirements.​​


We are passionate about safety at sea and when it comes to personal protective equipment, the VIKING YouSafeTM brand embodies our full commitment to this agenda. We put your safety first - and that goes for our complete range of products - from the basic foam lifejacket, to the most advanced offshore work suit. No exceptions. After all, PPE is the ‘last line of defence’ when it comes to enduring the tough jobs and many perils at sea that have inspired the product names in the VIKING YouSafeTM range.

A holistic approach to PPE

VIKING has the most comprehensive range of PPE for any application and while our commitment to safety is realized through proactive focus on quality and performance, we’re much about design, features, comfort and style, too. In fact, it’s the sum of excellence across all these factors that drives our unmatched value proposition.Today, VIKING YouSafeTM is a true brand of choice among leading cargo and passenger segment shipowners, offshore oil, gas and wind asset operators, helicopter transportation providers, coast guards, SAR services and navies worldwide.

Immersion suits

With several different styles, ranging from basic Neoprene suits to top of the line PU coated Nylon models - with or without integrated buoyancy, we offer the most comprehensive range of any manufacturer. Developed in close cooperation with customers, VIKING YouSafeTM suits comply with SOLAS and USCG regulations and provide excellent thermal protection, flame retardancy along with a good, ergonomic fit. Key features include high visibility colors, extended zippers for comfort and minimal water ingress, detachable gloves to ease donning and reinforced anti-slip soles for durability and safety. VIKING immersion suits are made from the best materials and individually tested to the highest standards that one would expect from a world-leading manufacturer of life-saving equipment.

Anti-exposure, work and immersion suits for constant wear

Manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions, our dual-approved, fitted and ergonomically enhanced VIKING YouSafeTM anti-exposure and work suits are designed to perform across multiple marine and offshore applications including MOB boat operations and offshore work in challenging environments such as platforms and wind farms. Beyond excellent protection, they offers great comfort, functionality and freedom of movement, letting you work hard and stay safe under extreme maritime conditions.


Our comprehensive range of VIKING YouSafeTM SOLAS and CE approved lifejackets combine performance and comfort with maximum personal protection at sea. Choose from a variety of models, buoyancy options, inflation systems and feature combinations suitable for different applications - all crafted to perform in demanding maritime and offshore environments.

While our VIKING YouSafeTM foam lifejackets provide intuitive donning and great protection in an emergency - along with easy repacking and storage when not in use, our inflatable models promise second to none safety performance, ergonomic comfort and freedom of movement during extended wear. VIKING YouSafeTM inflatable lifejackets apply a modular design philosophy that includes a contemporary ‘fitted’ look, striking the perfect balance between protection, design elements and performance enhancing features.

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