VIKING Aviation Safety

the best selection of offshore aviation safety gear

ETSO approved PPE solutions for offshore aviation

All passengers and crew travelling by helicopter in hostile offshore areas as defined in JAR-OPS-3 must wear ETSO approved personal protective equipment including immersion suits and lifejackets.

With an EASA (European Aviation Safety Authorities) approval, VIKING is one of a few suppliers in the world able to offer a fully ETSO approved system comprising cutting-edge pilot and passenger suits, lifejackets and category A STASS systems to meet any offshore aviation safety requirement.

EASA Form One certificate

Download your EASA Form One certificate here​​​​​​​

The more comfortably you fly, the better you can do your job

Both pilots and passengers must be able to safely and comfortably perform at their best – no matter how their environment changes.

Passengers must report fresh for duty and with rigs and wind farms still further from shore, personal protective equipment needs to be comfortable enough to be worn properly on longer flights. With lives to protect, pilots must stay focused and alert and they require fitted gear that moves as they do - and which won’t conflict with on board equipment. Both for pilots and passengers, top-quality materials are essential to allow the body to breathe for comfort during extended wear.

All VIKING YouSafeTM offshore aviation safety gear is designed to ensure unmatched comfort and safety. For those who don’t always fly to work, we also supply dual-approved solutions (SOLAS/ETSO) meaning you only need one suit and lifejacket for boat or helicopter transfer.

We offer both purchase, rental, leasing agreements as well as tracking and servicing of VIKING YouSafeTM aviation gear.

See how we track and test your suits and lifejackets

VIKING suits and lifejackets are equipped with small RFID chips and every move is scanned and recorded using state-of-the-art technology. See how we keep track of thousands of suits and lifejackets so they are always ready when you need them:

360o safety equipment servicing

VIKING has a unique regional ETSO compliant service setup with 360o safety equipment servicing coverage in the North Sea with certified service facilities in; Aberdeen in UK, Den Helder in the Netherlands, Schwei-West in Germany and Esbjerg, Denmark.