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Onboard training

The future of offshore e-learning, crew training and competency management

We take e-learning to a completely new level, deliver the most precise real-time overview of your crews’ competences, and provide efficient training, at any time and in their own environment. It is the first on board system that will work perfectly regardless of the vessels online/offline status. In addition, owners can track, assess and schedule training from any location - onshore or offshore - 24/7! This way, VIKING Safety Academy helps reduce the costs, delays and sheer hassle associated with traditional land-based training. Last but not least, with VIKING Safety Academy, you always have documentation for the competency status of your crew.

A scalable concept

The concept is scalable to accommodate your specific crew competency and training needs. You can build fully integrated custom courses and include scheduling, tracking and reporting capabilities, too.

VIKING Safety Academy provides a real-time overview of crew certifications and training status including:

  • OODTP for ERRV
  • STCW refresher training
  • Your own, fully customizable in-house courses

There's more to VIKING Safety Academy

Take courses, develop your skills, get feedback from specialist trainers and complete or refresh certifications. Whenever you need to. You can also use one of our many training videos to ensure everyone's 100% ready should an emergency occur.

Additionally, our safety training specialists are always available to help you plan and optimize your training - or to help with hands-on training either on board, at your premises or at a VIKING Safety Academy facility.

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