Personnel Transfer Device, Wave-4

Prod. No.: 1065171

WAVE brings the benefits of a seated transfer carrier to a device for standing passengers. Perfect for low volume routine crew transfers, medical evacuations and as part of a contingency plan. Buoyant and self-righting in case of immersion with a slide in stretcher with the casualty positioned above the waterline.

  • Clear exits allowing for rapid entry and exit

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Crane personnel transfers for 4 persons or 2 person and one stretcher. Used for routine operations and emergency situations. It can be used in up to 2 M wave height and at a wind speed up to 20 m/s. The small footprint requires a landing space of just 4 x 4 meter. The Medevac mode enables safe transfers of enjured persons in a stretcher.


  • Weight: 350 kg SWL: 500 kg Max gross
  • Weight: 850 kg
  • Dimensions: H 2278 x W 1710 to 1710 mm
  • Operating temperatures: -20 to +50 °C
  • Capacity: 4 persons + luggage
  • Vertical impact protection: 1,8 m/s
  • Suspension system protection: EVA foam designed for shock absorbtion
  • Lateral impact protection: 2 m/s
  • Fall protection: Safety restrains, hand grips and contoured buoyancy
  • Immersion protection: Buoyancy panels for selfright and floatation
  • Approval: ABS statement, by request