VIKING Throw overboard liferaft, self-righting type DKS, 101 persons

Prod. No.: L100DS

For passenger vessels with MES evacuation systems or for direct boarding, SOLAS approved

  • Exceptionally stable even in extremely rough seas.

Product properties:

Approvals: SOLAS, USCG

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Liferafts for use with chute or slide evacuation systems installed on RO-RO passenger vessels. They may also serve as liferafts for direct boarding from decks not more than 1.5 m above sea level on small ferries and passenger ships.­Delivered in rigid fibreglass container.

Approved according to SOLAS LSA code, EC directive 96/98/EC for use onboard passenger vessels.­

Key features

  • Installed on cradles or racks
  • High durability with an expected lifespan of 15-20 years
  • For use with MES evacuation systems or for direct boarding on small ferries