VIKING Selstair Embarkation System, Offshore

Prod. No.: Selstair

The Selstair™ multi-purpose access system is based on a collapsible staircase that can be lowered from the platform directly to the sea or between decks to transfer personnel effectively.

  • Remote launching and rapid deployment

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Empowered by a collapsible staircase system that can be lowered from the platform directly to sea or between decks, the Selstair™ multi-purpose access system takes safe and efficient personnel transfer to a higher level.


The system is deployed by gravity alone. Electrical power is only needed for retrieval. Non-slip aluminium steps and landings, handrails and safety net around the staircase enable safe passage.

Easy maintenance and service

When not in use, stairs are stored inside the container, which protects the system from the harsh environment. This, along with a minimum of movable parts in the system, means that maintenance requirements are kept at a minimum.

Deck-to-deck transfer – with minimum use of deck space

All components of the system are stored inside a container that is easily moved from one place to another. Also, Selstair™ can be lowered from one deck to another making it ideal for deck-to-deck transfer. Compared to a regular staircase or ladder, the Selstair system does not take up valuable deck space that could otherwise be used for piping or general work space.

Access security

With piracy and anti-terrorism high on the agenda, access security is essential. Selstair™ eliminates the threat of unauthorized persons gaining access. The Selstair™ access system only deploys with the corresponding remote control and it is therefore a secure and optimal solution for unmanned platforms with restricted access.