VIKING Polar Liferaft throw overboard 25 pers. 25DK+

Prod. No.: L025D0002

VIKING Polar 25DK+ liferaft – The only liferaft on the market designed and tested for Polar conditions Fully functional at temperatures down to -50˚C Throw overboard type.

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Stowed in a rigid fibreglass container as per attached drawing. The standard GRP container is equipped with heating mats mounted on the inside of the container. This efficient heating system ensures that the liferaft inflates despite freezing temperatures. The heating mats are equipped with a limit switch and shut off when the temperature inside the liferaft exceeds 30˚C to prevent overheating. The heating mats are connected to a thermal control box mounted outside the container using waterproof connecters. When the temperature outside the liferaft rises above approx. 5˚C, the thermal control box automatically deactivates the heating system to save power.

The VIKING Polar liferaft is approved by DNV in accordance with SOLAS, IMO Res. A1024(26) guidelines for ships operating in Polar waters and Russian Winterization of liferafts -50˚ C rules. Certified by DNV, USCG TC Canada and RMRS. The system is also available with Ex approved electrical component

Will be delivered complete with emergency pack SOLAS A-pack incl. 30% extra food rations. The 25 persons throw overboard liferafts is mainly used for commercial vessels, passenger vessels and offshore installations. The throw overboard liferaft is released from its cradle and thrown overboard, or slides automatically when released.

Once waterborne the liferaft inflates on a hard pull of the painter line and is then ready for boarding. As the the heating system is not low voltage, an electrician will be needed to set up the box according to instructions, and to connect the thermal control box to the ship’s alarm system, if desired.

As the heating system it not low voltage, an electrian cill be needed to set up the box according to instructions.