Esbjerg, Denmark, October 2012 – As part of a drive to help yachting and leisure craft buyers determine the best liferaft and accessories for their particular needs, marine and fire safety equipment leader VIKING Life-Saving Equipment has produced a number of in-depth instructional and informative videos for its line of RescYou™ liferafts. RescYou™ liferafts feature numerous details designed to improve visibility, make boarding easier and reduce possible discomforts. For example, VIKING RescYou™ Pro, the top model among the liferafts for the leisure segment, self-rights in seconds upon deployment so that it is immediately ready for boarding.  A rainwater collector, interior and exterior lighting and large curtained windows, which provide an excellent view of the horizon without having to open the canopy, are other important features included. According to VIKING, to make the most of such features in emergency situations, it helps to have seen the products explained and demonstrated first-hand.

Three different videos, one for each of the liferafts in the RescYouTM range, describe the various elements of these liferafts and also take the viewer step by step through the equipment list.

In addition to the liferaft videos, users can take advantage of detailed instruction videos in 3D explaining how to mount the liferaft container onto a yacht.  

While VIKING’s own liferaft products take center stage in the videos, the company has taken a broader approach that seeks to educate yachting and leisure craft buyers, bringing helpful advice for use in genuine emergency and rescue situations. Viewers are treated to easily understand the purpose of each part of the liferaft and how its accessories are used.

“We would only be happy if sailors could make use of our videos on Youtube to become even more familiar with their onboard safety equipment,” says Dorte M. Hansen, regional Sales Director at VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, and continues: “Time is essential in an emergency situation and knowing how to handle your liferaft may ultimately save lives.”

Hosting each video is Karen Hansen, VIKING’s National Sales Manager for the Yachting market in the USA. She shares her decades of industry experience with viewers as she shows and talks about her company’s products.

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