Prod. No.: VEMS

The VIKING Evacuation MiniSlide (VEMS) is designed specifically for vessels with low embarkation deck heights.­

  • Liferafts are pre-attached and ready for immediate deployment

Special features:

  • Evacuates over 501 people in 30 minutes and 303 people in 17 min 40 sec (High Speed Craft)
  • Installation heights between 1.5 and 3.3 metres
  • Simple to operate and requires only 1 or 2 crew members
  • Fully operational within 2 minutes
  • Available with SOLAS emergency B pack

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The VIKING Evacuation MiniSlide can be stowed on standard steel or aluminium racks for a footprint as small as a standard liferaft container. Capacity can be adjusted with additional throw-overboard liferafts.

The system liferaft is pre-attached and stored in a rigid container for immediate deployment, saving valuable time. The entire container is dropped into the water by remote release and the liferaft automatically inflates when the system is bowsed alongside the vessel. The slide is manually connected to the vessel and then inflated by pulling the quick release line.

Approved according to SOLAS, IMO and EC directive 96/98/EC.