VIKING Evacuation Liferaft System and SOLAS MiniSlide (VELS+SMS)

Prod. No.: VELS-SMS

The VELS+SMS can be combined with most VIKING liferafts or combination of liferafts to ensure that capacity matches the vessel’s evacuation requirements - for medium and low embarkation deck heights.

  • Can be operated by just one crew member


  • Evacuates 501 people in 30 minutes and 303 people in 17 min 40 sec (High Speed Craft)
  • Installation heights between 1.5 and 4.2 m
  • Can be operated by just 1 crew member
  • Fully operational within 2 minutes
  • Available with canopied self-righting or open reversible liferaft
  • Special evacuee descent brake cushion for additional safety
  • Single bowsing winch technology for easier bowsing
  • Complies with all international regulations

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The slide is packed in a valise and can be stored in a vessel-convenient location. The system liferaft and additional liferafts can be stored separately in racks, even in remote locations with a release system, to make storage as flexible as possible.

The slide has added protection with a unique brake cushion and extra high sides. Single bowsing winch technology ensures that the liferaft is swiftly, safely and easily pulled into place ready for evacuation. The winch operator can see right into the liferaft and supervise evacuation from the embarkation point.