VIKING MiniSlide (MS), non-SOLAS

Prod. No.: MS

A basic system for vessels operating in sheltered waters - This lightweight and compact system can be stored in a valise anywhere on-board or next to the embarkation point in a ventilated box. It ­is designed to be used with 1 or 2 canopied liferafts in 25 or 51 person sizes. The VIKING MiniSlide is also suitable for open reversible liferafts from 25, 51, 101 and 150 persons. Capacity can be tailored to suit the vessel’s requirements.

  • Compact and lightweight, stored in valise


  • MS installation heights between 1.5 and 3m
  • Simple to operate and requires only 1 or 2 crew members
  • Compact and lightweight system packed ready for use in practical valise
  • USCG approved

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The flexible design is available for various vessels heights and comes with or without a platform. Capacity can be tailored to suit the vessel’s requirements with additional liferafts. The slide is available in 3 lengths: 3, 4 and 5 metres and can be supplied with a landing platform (MSL) or for use with open reversible liferafts, self-righting liferafts or standard canopied liferafts.

The liferaft is inflated in the water at the embarkation point. When inflated, the valise containing slide system is attached to the deck of the vessel and the slide inflates into the open reversible liferaft. The slide opens out into the liferaft ready for evacuation.