VIKING Evacuation MiniChute (VEMC)

Prod. No.: VEMC

The lightweight and compact VEMC is based on the full size VIKING Evacuation Chute (VEC) - for small and medium vessels, though.


  • Evacuation capacity: 582 people in 30 minutes or 326 in 17 min 40 sec (HSC)
  • Installation heights from 5 to 20 metres
  • Reinforced with­ DuPont™­ Kevlar® for evacuee protection
  • Available with either A or B SOLAS emergency pack
  • Requires few crew members
  • Stowage unit can be installed almost anywhere on board, and can also be unbolted and lifted off the vessel for servicing.
  • Complies with all international regulations

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It is integrated with a 101 person self-righting liferaft and capacity can be increased by attaching additional throw-overboard liferafts. The fully enclosed chute is lined with fire retardant DuPont™ ­Kevlar® for extra protection, and it compensates for ship and sea movement during evacuation for safe transfer into the system liferafts.