VIKING SES-2C Arctic, Evacuation System

Prod. No.: SES-2C

Specially designed and tested for Arctic winter conditions, the VIKING SES-2C arctic offers safe and efficient evacuation for offshore installations operating in harsh Polar environments.

  • Holds a Russian RMRS certificate

System features:

  • A counterweight system automatically compensates for differences in height when the ship moves
  • No power required to deploy the system
  • Max. evacuation height of 43 meters
  • Operating temperatures from -40°C to +65°C
  • Blast proof container
  • Special heat tracing to prevent freezing around critical areas
  • Integrated liferafts
  • Max. evacuation capacity: 140 persons within 10 minutes

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VIKING has developed a cutting-edge evacuation system specifically designed for frozen waters and harsh arctic environments.

Severe winters can limit rescue operations and winter ice makes the use of free fall lifeboats impossible. VIKING has therefore modified its already proven offshore chute system to cope with the special conditions encountered when evacuating by chute directly onto a ship.



Under the name SES-2D, the SES-2C is available in a version without a compensating tower that only deploys to sea.



  • US Patent No. 8316991B2
  • NO Patent No. 321073B1
  • DK Patent No. 176716B1
  • CH Patent No. 101795934B
  • EP Patent Pending