VIKING Evacuation Chute Plus, VEC PLUS™

Prod. No.: VEC PLUS

The VIKING VEC Plus™ is the next generation of evacuation systems with fully enclosed, dry-shod evacuation for safe and swift evacuation. A focus on reducing overall system complexity ensures easy, cost-effective maintenance and reliability. A flexible system for vessel sizes from smaller ferries to larger cruise ships.

  • ­A capacity of up to 565 persons

System features:

  • Fewer components for greater durability
  • Ability to rotate the systems by simply removing containers rather than the entire storage unit
  • Gravity-launched with built-in float-free functionality
  • Minimum maintenance

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Designed to be a perfect fit

Special attention has been given to the container design with passengers in mind – elegant and intuitive where needed. The container height has been reduced, but the system has the exact same footprint as the VIKING VEC series and with the same capacity, so it doesn’t require changes to the vessel or any welding in connection with replacement of older systems.

Designed for efficient evacuation

The system is launched with a single pull of a handle and requires no extra deployment training. Passengers and crew are protected by a controlled, rapid descent.­