Gargi Verma

Global Marketing Communications Executive, HQ

I joined VIKING for a three-month internship program in the marketing department. Luckily, after my first month, I was offered a permanent position in the department.

My first month in the job was surprisingly challenging. After just one week, I was given an independent assignment where I was asked to organize events. So you might say I learned by doing – helped along the way by my colleagues. I enjoyed being challenged in this way and found it very satisfying, particularly because of all the support and appreciation I received.

Today, my job involves writing content for the website, our intranet and the product catalogue, as well as preparing datasheets, brochures and other marketing materials.

My day typically starts with catching up on tasks pending from the previous day, keeping applicable deadlines in mind. Most of my daily work includes preparing marketing materials by writing content, coordinating with graphic designers, sending designs for approval, making corrections and attending meetings. And I often get involved in less structured, work-related discussions with colleagues, perhaps over coffee or a light lunch.

One of the most interesting tasks I have worked on was to organize the shooting of the television show “Wicked Inventions” for VIKING Yachting liferafts in June 2016. It was a demanding, yet exciting task for me, where I learned more about state-of-the-art manufacturing practices and was able to take part in live action sequences.   

"What I like most about my job is  the diversity of tasks and flexible work, offering freedom and  ​​​responsibility
​​​​​​​at the same time."

What I like most about my job is the diversity of tasks and flexible work, offering freedom and responsibility at the same time. I’m motivated by getting involved with challenging tasks, working with independent projects, and by the great teamwork spirit of my colleagues.  

VIKING is like a family. There’s a feeling of belonging. After spending just 5 months here, I can say that, with the company’s Scandinavian roots and international branch offices, it’s an organization with plenty of diversity and inclusion. Talking with those of my colleagues who have been at VIKING for longer, I get the impression that VIKING cares about its employees’ development and treats them as an asset.

All of my colleagues were quick to help me with various tasks whenever I needed it. My manager provides continuous support, allowing me to challenge myself and take on a variety of tasks. I also get the opportunity to learn Danish and practice my language skills!

The hardest part of my job is not being aware of all departments, their people and functions (especially outside Denmark), as I am a relatively new employee. It can be sometimes difficult to coordinate things without knowing exactly who is responsible for what.

It’s still early days, and I’m really just getting to know my colleagues around the world. So far, I have worked at VIKING’s headquarters in Denmark. But I hope to get an opportunity to work in other parts of the world when an appropriate opportunity presents itself.

I highly recommend anyone who would like to apply for job at VIKING to do so. It’s a great place to work, to learn, to have fun and to make your career path a huge success. In addition, it is also a great social place to make friends and cherish them.