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Below, we have compiled the most common questions and answers about our recruiting procedure and career development.  

If your issue was not addressed by any of the answers covered in the section, you are welcome to send us personal inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply

You can view and apply for our current vacancies online in the Available jobs section of this website. You’re welcome, of course, to send an unsolicited application. All personal data is retained in a database for six months and treated in the strictest confidence. Only VIKING's Human Resource (HR) department and relevant managers will have access to your data. The information you send us will not be disclosed to any third party.You are also welcome to sign up for our job agent, which will keep you informed if a suitable position turns up.

The ideal application

Applying is easy – just fill out our online application form. To increase your chances of becoming a viking.

  • Is brief and precise
  • Describes both professional skills and personal attributes
  • Covers all of your competencies, including those beyond the workplace
  • Tells us why you’re applying
  • Explains what drives you and what you want to achieve

How do we recruit?

Our recruitment process is clear and transparent. It’s designed to ensure a close match between your job and your expectations and qualifications. The process of becoming a VIKING begins once you’ve submitted your application online and we’ve sent a confirmation of receipt. We strive to make the process as quick as possible (approximately 4 to 8 weeks).

The selection process

Our HR department will consider your application based on the scope of the job and the nature of the particular VIKING department offering the job. If we believe that your profile and skills match the requirements, your application will be forwarded for review to the hiring manager. For maximum confidentiality, only employees relevant to the position you have applied for will see your application.

The interviews

If the hiring manager finds your application relevant for the position, you will be invited for an interview. Most often, we invite candidates to a short, preliminary interview where both parties get a chance to see whether we are a good match.

If everyone is still interested in going forward, you will be invited to a second, more detailed interview. Before the second interview, we may ask you to take printed or online personality and aptitude tests. At the interview, you will receive feedback on the tests.

During the interview process, you will meet the hiring manager and perhaps some of the employees from the department.

The decision

Later in the process and only with your prior consent, we may contact your referees to review the facts from your application or obtain information on your previous performance. We usually only work with references for the top candidate and we only ask questions relevant to the position.

Together with our HR department, the hiring manager will decide on the candidate best matched to the job, and an offer of employment will be sent to the selected candidate.

If we decide not to hire you, we’ll let you know by e-mail or phone. We may, however, like to consider you for other job openings in the near future. Application submissions remain available, therefore, to our recruitment team for six months after submission.

What type of people does VIKING employ?

A host of different talents are needed for the many varied positions throughout our global company. VIKING is rich with possibilities for career development, whether you’re driven by sales, engineering, research and development, finance or IT. We are particularly interested in new colleagues who can help us in product development, construction, documentation and global sales.

Where can I see vacant positions?

See the Available jobs section or contact your local VIKING office.

How can I develop with VIKING?

Our comprehensive employee development programs provide a wealth of training and educational opportunities. New employees participate in a thorough introduction program, and annual appraisals ensure proper planning of courses and development plans.

How will my career progress?

Want to build your expertise in a particular area? Dreaming of a foreign posting? Do you have management potential? VIKING provides excellent opportunities for you to develop either within your position or through advancement in the organization. We encourage employees to take responsibility for their development through their work and global teamwork, and we’re ready to help you on your way.

Can I have an international career?

VIKING headquarters works internationally. We have over 50 branches worldwide with sales departments, so there are good prospects for an international career. We also offer postings abroad for suitable employees including experts in various fields such as engineering, production planning and IT.

Can I become a trainee with VIKING?

VIKING offers multiple trainee programs at its headquarters in Denmark.