You can view and apply for our current vacancies online in the available jobs section of this website. You’re welcome, of course, to send an unsolicited application. All personal data is retained in a database for six months and treated in the strictest confidence. Only VIKING's Human Resource (HR) department and relevant managers will have access to your data. The information you send us will not be disclosed to any third party. You are also welcome to sign up for our job agent, which will keep you informed if a suitable position turns up.

The ideal application

Applying is easy – just fill out our online application form. To increase your chances of becoming part of the VIKING team, and to help your application stand out among the many we receive, make sure it:

  • Is brief and precise
  • Describes both professional skills and personal attributes
  • Covers all of your competencies, including those beyond the workplace
  • Tells us why you’re applying
  • Explains what drives you and what you want to achieve