Training Suit (Passenger)

Prod. No.: PS4103

A training duplicate of PS4003 allows for one-to-one training with an optional intelligent thermal liner that regulates body heat.


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Applications: For Training
Product: Suit

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The VIKING Transportation Training Suit provides safety and comfort when training. It is an excellent suit which allows the wearer to try out all of its features in a controlled environment.

PS4103 is a lightweight suit that comes with a J-zipper for safety, elastic intake at the waist as well as on the legs and it is available in sizes ranging from XS to SPL.

The VIKING Transportation Training Suit has integrated valves to remove trapped air upon sudden submersion, for easy escape. The suit has a snug fit which provides the highest level of comfort and at the same time it can withstand the most demanding evacuation situations.

The GORE-TEX® lining gives superior breathability and the improved thermal barrier provides protection for up to 4 hours PS4103 has integrated valves to remove trapped air, making getting in and out of the helicopter easier in a sudden evacuation situation. The easily adjustable sleeves have rubber cuffs and zippers.