Introducing the new and space-saving VNJY lifeboat range

We are thrilled to unveil an all-new lineup of 40- and 52-person VIKING Norsafe totally enclosed lifeboats. These boats have been meticulously designed to cater to the growing demand among shipbuilders for compact and lightweight lifeboat solutions while significantly increasing capacity.

Designed to suit a wide range of vessel types, the VNJY series sets a new standard. It achieves remarkable material reductions through cutting-edge design, resulting in decreased weight and height.

Notably, the capacity of these lifeboats has been significantly enhanced compared to previous models, all while maintaining the highest safety standards. The introduction of extra width and an updated superstructure has allowed for a thoughtful reconfiguration of seating and forward positioning of the steering, delivering superior visibility. Moreover, these design enhancements contribute to heightened lifeboat stability for added safety at sea.

VIKING Norsafe VNJY-68

Available in two sizes

  • VNJY-55 40-person capacity, 5.5 m length, 2250 kg (alternative to existing JYN-50/57/65)
  • VNJY-68 52-person capacity, 6.8 m length, 3100 kg (alternative to existing JYN-74)

Both models can be paired with the new and compact LH-100 hydraulic davit. 

Building a new vessel or platform?

When making boat and davit choices for new buildings, there are plenty of design and maintenance strategy decisions to make – as well as regulations to be aware of. Short-term savings in the first phase can quickly evaporate as operational realities take over.

VIKING offers unbeatable safety and convenience with a well-deserved reputation for solving the challenges our customers face. Choose the world’s best boats and davits – we’ll take care of the rest.

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Lightweight. Compact. Lifesaving.

The benefits are many, but here we have highlighted some of the central VNJY features:

  • Up to 400 kg lighter than conventional designs
  • Fresh design with a shorter and wider hull
  • Increased capacity with rearranged seating
  • Improved serviceability by relocating central parts
  • Gained visibility with steering in the front
VIKING Norsafe VNJY-55

Fully tested and proven to perform

Safety lies in the DNA of the maritime industry and today's advanced assets must be equipped with highly reliable, durable, and well-designed boat and davit solutions – ensuring optimal safety while saving time and money over the lifetime of the asset.

Our in-house manufactured VIKING Norsafe boats and davits meet and exceed international maritime standards and define performance and safety expectations for the crew.

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Under the VIKING Norsafe brand, we bring the commercial shipping industry a unique full-scope value proposition, when it comes to the supply and service of conventional and free fall lifeboats, rescue boats and davits.

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