Full scope safety for navy vessels

Safety is serious business – also for the forces keeping the rest of us safe. VIKING is your one-stop partner for marine safety solutions and services. We deliver an extensive array of products, services, and technical know-how for all types of navy vessels and applications, ensuring your operations with the best life-saving gear ready to save lives.

Your mission is our passion

With more than 50 years of experience supplying defence and professional operators, we can offer a wide range of high-quality safety products based on regulatory requirements as well as customer-bespoke equipment tailored to specific needs. 

All this is powered by the world's most efficient servicing network and a global training setup. No matter your location we got you covered.

VIKING is the only global life-saving appliance OEM to offer a truly comprehensive range, spanning from high-capacity marine evacuation systems, liferafts, lifeboats and davits - to rescue boats, RIB and daughter craft packages.



VIKING liferafts for navy applications come in a wealth of specialized versions including US Navy, NATO stock #, Polar and extended service interval versions. 


Personal Protective Equipment

A comprehensive range of personal protective equipment for any application. VIKING has pioneered and specified safety equipment that are compliant with Polar Code. 


Boats and davits

We manufacture, supply and service the world's best range of lifeboats and davits for advanced navy vessels.


Marine Evacuation Systems

Rugged and advanced marine evacuation systems for all types of navy vessels including support and transport craft

Fast Rescue

Rescue and support crafts

One of the most prominent advantages for VIKING Norsafe boat customers is our highly flexible design philosophy, combining the best of modular adaptation and tailor-made solutions.

American warships in the pacific ocean

Essential safety products for newbuilds

When constructing a new navy vessel, numerous critical decisions concerning safety and life-saving equipment must be taken. Our international team of experts tailors comprehensive, competitive product and service packages to meet your requirements, all while ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements and specialized needs.

Free advice from the safety experts

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