Regulations guide for firefighting foam

To protect the crew against exposure to dangerous substances used in firefighting systems as well as to minimize the impact on the environment, MSC 106 has approved draft amendments to prohibit the use of PFOS from both fixed and portable firefighting systems. The amendments have been adopted at MSC 107 and will enter into force on 1 January 2026.

Keeping ahead of the regulations

Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Australia have already proposed to ban PFOS/ PFAS and as regulations advance, all PFAS (C6 and C8) in firefighting foam will be restricted over the next few years.

This means that there will be restrictions for producing, transporting, and selling – furthermore, strict rules will be applied in relation to cleaning and disposal of PFOS/PFAS.

IMO states

  • Subject: Prohibition of the use of PFOS in firefighting foams.
  • Impact: Firefighting foams containing PFOS will be prohibited, and any substances containing PFOS will need to go to appropriate shore reception facilities.
  • Application: New and existing ships not later than the date of the first survey after the date of entry into force which is expected to be 1 January 2026.
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How can VIKING help?

VIKING has the expertise to guide your technical team in choosing the right firefighting foam solutions that are compliant and environmentally friendly.

Powered by know-how established over the years and covering the full range of owners' needs, from inspections to products, replacements, and certification, our offerings include:

  • Effective foam transition
  • Testing the existing foam for PFAS/PFOS
  • Disposal of PFOS/PFAS in a safe manner from the vessel
  • Cleaning of existing tank and connected system from PFAS/PFOS foam
  • Delivery of new foam together with a test of the system
  • Certification of disposal, cleaning, and test after changes to the existing system
  • Environmentally solution in regards to live testing
  • Scope the project in connection with 5 yearly dry-docking
  • “One-stop-shop” for all services related to your marine fire equipment

Range of environmentally friendly fluorine-free foam 

Flourine free foam

Looking forward: PFOS/PFAS on the global agenda

There is huge global momentum toward ending the use of PFOS/PFAS-based foams.

Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants This is a global treaty that entered into force in 2004, requiring Parties to reduce or, where feasible, eliminate the release of Persistent Organic Pollutant (POPs) into the environment.

The European Union ratified the Convention in 2004 and enacted a Regulation that was directly applicable to all Member States, including Ireland. This Regulation from 2004 has been replaced by Regulation (EU) 2019/1021.

It is important to realize that EU Regulations may go beyond the requirements of the Stockholm Convention, and it is the regulation that has legal standing.

VIKING can guide you on new regulations and help you find a solution that keeps your business complaint.

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Free advice from firefighting foam experts

With an entire team dedicated to firefighting foam supply and service, VIKING is ready to advise on how to stay compliant.

Foam systems fire-tested for compliance

When it comes to fixed firefighting foam systems specifically, work is to be carried out based on the guidelines referred to in MSC.1/Circ.1432.

VIKING provides a full scope of inspection, repairs, supplies, and certification services carried out by experienced technicians with digitalized planning tools and at a uniformly high level of quality in 150+ ports worldwide.

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