Marine evacuation system – VIKING, Undertun, automatic gangway

Item number VU000

The Undertun system is certified by DNV in accordance with SOLAS/MED requirements and relevant flag state approvals. The walkways motion is controlled by an accumulator giving the door upwards lift to stabilize and absorb the motion between ship and raft.

  • Ability to evacuate 153 persons within 30 minutes.
  • Evacuees can walk or slide directly into the liferaft.
  • Easy to install - Stowage box is bolted to the deck and ready to go
  • Integrated 12V battery - Electrical connection to the ship is not necessary.
  • Embarkation with a max of 2.5 meters above waterline
  • Automatically launched by the push of a button from the stowage bow or the bridge.
Full description

Full description

The VIKING Undertun is autonom compact, open gangway system for walking or sliding directly into the liferaft. Half of the gangway has a friction surface for walking down at low angles, the other half has a plane surface that allows evacuees to slide into the liferaft. The system has an integrated 12V battery and is launched at the push of a button on the box or from the bridge. This system is available with self-righting, canopied liferafts in sizes 101 to 153 persons, or with an open reversible liferaft from 101 to 153 persons.­

Evacuation at the push of one button
The system consists of a frame that is attached to the hull and a door/walkway with a raft fixed to it at the end, by two shackles. It has its own hydraulic system, electrical control and power source. Connection to the ship is only for charging of the power source by 230VAC. The operation of the system is done from the bridge panel in wheelhouse or the control panel on the left side of the system on deck. After the raft has been deployed the door/walkways motion is controlled by an accumulator giving the door upwards lift to stabilize the raft and absorb the motion between ship and raft at sea.

The system is approved after heavy weather sea trials with significant wave heights of 3.0 m with See BG in accordance with SOLAS MSC. 81 (70) and LSA code as the notified body. The liferaft is EC type-approved (EC Directive 96/98/EC with DNV as the notified body) for use in restricted areas, defined by the national administration. The system, the associated gangway, the liferaft and all equipment complies with ISO 9001 requirements for quality assurance in design, development, manufacture, sales and maintenance.