VIKING exchange agreement immersion suits

10-year-old suits on-board? ​​​​​​​
It is time to take action!

A happy immersion suit anniversary

A decade ago, SOLAS Reg. III/32.3 made it mandatory for commercial vessels to carry immersion suits for all persons on board. Meanwhile, it’s been 12 years since IMO Reg. MSC/Circ.1114 was enforced requiring suits to be serviced every 3 years - and suits 10 years or older even more frequently.

With many of the suits acquired back then now bound to hit the 10-year servicing hurdle, shipowners face important decisions with the aim to remain compliant, manage costs and maintain a high level of safety!

VIKING shipowners options

Immersion suit servicing has never been more convenient

While servicing or replacing the old immersion suits are both viable solutions to the 10-year challenge, VIKING offers a third and very advantageous alternative - the VIKING Exchange Agreement!

Handled under VIKING Shipowner Agreements (SOA), this low-entry-barrier concept lets shipowners simply swap immersion suits bound for periodical servicing with freshly serviced, vacuum-packed suits with valid certificates, directly at pier - for a fixed annual fee per suit. This way, you will always have safe and fully compliant suits on board, with no need to worry about any of the traditional servicing hassles.

A solution that suits your business

Choose freely from our 85 convenient exchange ports around the world without ever having to consider fluctuating costs. No matter where your exchange is conducted, the fee stays the same. VIKING will even handle the notification and schedule of your exchange for when the vessel is in port. Because the exchange only requires one transaction, you will save 50% on transportation costs to the exchange site. And if you bundle immersion suit exchange with your VIKING SOA liferafts servicing, transportation is entirely free of charge.

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