Immersion suit - VIKING YouSafe™ Surge, Size 58 (Oversize)

Item number PS20061058000

The VIKING YouSafe™ Surge provides excellent thermal protection, flame retardancy and a good ergonomic fit

  • Fixed gloves with straps for easy adjustment
  • Neoprene Immersion suit with buoyancy head support (no lifejacket required)
  • 6-hour USCG approved
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  • USCG (US coast guard)

Outer material

  • Neoprene, 5 mm

Colour options

  • Orange

Design features

  • Integrated bouyancy head support to ensure a minimum of 12 cm freeboard
  • Lifting becket for easy retrieval from the water
  • Extended metal zipper for easy donning and minimal water ingress
  • Equipped with required whistle and buddy line
  • Strap-attached gloves for easy donning
  • Flexible, high quality neoprene for easy donning and great fit


  • Jumbo: 170-220 cm, 100-170 kg

Special instructions

  • Approved for use without a lifejacket

Service interval

  • 3 years (more frequently after 10 years)

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